What People are Saying about Iwa Dojo

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Personally, I was sooooo impressed every minutes of the event.  Kids were quietly sitting and inspired by it.  The performance had punch, grace and refined form of martial arts and very well explained for people who have never practiced any martial arts.  I could feel that it needed many years of practice to get to the level.  It was very precious and thank you for bringing this level of martial arts in our community!

Yayoi Shaw
Consulate-General of Japan at Denver

“I’ve been studying karate here for five years, and it is a wonderful place. From the first, the teachers and students have been welcoming and friendly. They push everyone to do their best, while emphasizing that “best” is different for everyone. The students are all ages and body types, but we all work together comfortably. I visited several other martial arts studios before Iwa Dojo, and none of them had the same blend of humor and hard work.”

Jessica DeSelm Calme

“Iwa Dojo is an amazing place to train. I have trained there for almost ten years. The Senseis are very good at teaching and extremely knowledgeable. The Dojo has a fun and encouraging atmosphere while at the same time it teaches traditional Okinawan martial arts.”

Dan Zekonis

“Iwa Dojo holds a very special place in my heart. I trained there for about three years (goju-ryu karate and Matayoshi kobudo) and it really became the heart of my community in Boulder. I can’t say enough good things about everyone I trained with there, and Paul, Barbara, and Garrett are wonderful instructors.

Iwa Dojo is a positive, encouraging place to train no matter what you hope to get out of martial arts. There is no ego or attitude whatsoever, just a wonderful, mutually supportive training environment where you can not only train hard but (perhaps most importantly) have FUN! If you’re interested in traditional Okinawan karate or kobudo (traditional weapons lineage), you can’t go wrong.

They also organize seminars every year or two with leading karate & kobudo teachers invited from Okinawa. It was really incredible to have the opportunity to train with master-level Okinawan instructors from goju-ryu karate and Matayoshi kobudo lineages. But, don’t be intimidated: whether you’re a total beginner or a black belt, Iwa Dojo is a super-friendly, welcoming, and incredibly fun place to train!”

Akiva Steinmetz-Silber

“Wonderful, wonderful Dojo! Great people, great martial arts! And, a great way of teaching. Training at Iwa Dojo is one of my favorite memories.”

Denise Schillinger

“Iwa Dojo is “different”, in a unique, fun, fantastic way. It is a Dojo where you can learn authentic traditional Okinawan martial arts, which is already in itself super-dooper cool. But there is so much more to it than just that. Here are just a few things I personally took away from my 3.5 years of experience training with them.
– Healthy respect: Not the “bow to your sensei or prepare to die” kind (which is quite unhealthy in my opinion). It is about having a humble attitude towards those who can learn from.
– Strength: I learned to be confident regarding where I stand in life and as a person. Physical strength is great, but the mental strength I gained through training has meant much more to me. 
– Stress relief: After a busy, tiring day, going to the Dojo and working hard felt so refreshing every time. I would completely forget about everything else, slept better, and the next day would feel energized (and sore).
– Positive attitude: “If you take a hit, it sucks, but you just move forward”. I don’t know how many times I applied this lesson to work and to my every day life. Sulking in my own misery became less frequent, as I learned to quickly think of ways to be productive and constructive instead.
– Importance of having fun: Laughing and learning can totally go hand-in-hand. Paul sensei and Barbara sensei show us how in every class!
All of this said, I think it comes down to the mixture and balance of all of the various elements that make Iwa Dojo special. I have yet to find anywhere else like it.
I hope you will come see how we’re different yourself!”

Marie Hanabusa

“Iwa Dojo – What a great, unique place to train! The dojo is a community of supportive, enthusiastic people. The atmosphere is very comfortable and friendly. I felt at home here right away. The Senseis, Paul and Barbara, are extremely patient and encouraging with beginners, and they are dedicated to every student’s progress. It has been a privilege to learn from them. Training at the dojo has positively impacted me. I have gained, among many things, physical strength and stability as well as awareness and increased focus. I am fortunate to be a part of Iwa Dojo.”

Alyssa Katz

I can’t say enough about what a special place Iwa Dojo is and what incredible teachers Paul and Barbara are. They lead with experience, passion, humor and care. It’s the best dojo in town!

Page Zekonis